In our shop, you'll find everything from scale models to large cosplay props and small detailed replica props great for screen or television work.  Please do remember that if you're unable to find something you'd like - please do get in touch.  3D Printed props give us 


As we're prop makers, utilising 3D Printers to make our props seems the only logical thing to do. Check out our 3d printed cosplay, engineering or prop designs and you'll have an idea of our capabilities. Aurora 3D printing co offers free consultations when it comes to prop making, 3D design or 3D printed parts. 

We have a lot of practice in creating cosplay costumes, replica BAFTA awards, replica Oscar awards, Game of thrones armor, such as Renly Baratheon's Gorget and shoulder armor, as well as Renlys crown which is a replica of the on-screen version. We also make Robert Baratheon's crown as well as every other crown that can be found on HBO's great T.V series.  ​We accept easy and complicated commissions, repairing props, so send us pictures, dimensions and a description of what you'd like to achieve.


Cosplay makers such as aurora 3D printing co project a process for bringing characters to life. While every manufacture's process is unique, the majority of cosplayers follow a similar set of protocols for completing a task. This could be an experiment with different materials, additive manufacturing, multiple 3d printing processes, computer-aided design.