Replica imperial state crown - ongoing

Replicating a crown is nothing new to Aurora 3D printing. We have used prop making to make various crowns using different materials for as long as we can remember. Bespoke 3D printing allows us to make the skeleton of this crown and from their build upwards using materials such as: Rhinestones, Replica pearls, resin printed gems, faux fur and purple lining.

3D printed props are a staple of Theatres, production companies and set designers, some replica crowns offered to rent are expensive and often carry insurance because of the expense.

As a Cosplay shop, the creation of Her majesty the Queen crown takes approximately 4 weeks to create. One week for 3D printing, and the remaining lies in the detail, such as adding 1mm Rhinestones and detail painting. High quality cosplay costumes and their accessories ensure that the customer and their customers get the best value for money. Each stone is set by hand and considering not having an original or even an exact replica to hand, a prop crown such as the queens state crown with the amount of detail is not an easy task.

As film production has integrated more CGI and 3D printing, prop masters have created fewer iconic props from found parts and turned to 3D printing. Making accurate replicas nowadays often requires additional skill, often by 3D modeling and casting. At a point when a replica prop is good enough, it can be abandoned

What makes a good replica is completely subjective, as serious replica prop-makers we are extremely detail-oriented. It's not unusual to see a high amount of detail in a prop, whether it's a replica of a one of commission.

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