PPE Visor Update


CE & EN166 Visor available in output quantities of 250,000 per week

Price per unit £2.39 EX VAT

Polypropylene headband and PETG screen

MOQ = 1000


This is a follow up to my last email regarding PPE and how 'an about-turn' to meet PPE demand has taken me down a path I (and probably many others) didn't envisage. I did mention that at the start of the pandemic I would receive calls from front-line staff on 3D printing visors because there wasn't any PPE they could get their hands on.

This demand made me think - Injection moulding is the way to fill this gap in PPE. Let's be honest, most PPE is shipped in from abroad and has done for decades, but because of COVID-19, this has had a big impact on import/export. A few weeks ago I had the ability to fulfill orders of 20,000 per week, this capacity has now increased to 250,000 visors per week with the ability to increase that quantity and all manufactured in the U.K.


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