PPE email to over 100 news outlets

Good Morning,

Do you know who doesn't get attention? The general public/businesses helping out behind the scenes generating PPE. These people are using their talents to produce PPE at a time when there is a shortfall in protection for frontline workers.

I thought I would email you and hopefully give you some insight into the daily life of someone trying to make PPE for front-liners.

I currently run a 3D Printing company and as you would expect, work is non-existent. At this current moment, I receive approximately 5 calls a day in regards to 3D Printing PPE for the NHS – either CCG or trusts. One of the first questions asked of me is “ how many visors can you produce a week” my response used to be, 100 on a good day – this was met with a sigh. This prompted me to seek other alternatives that came in the form of mass manufacturing which can produce in excess of 30,000 visors a week.

Too many times I’ve heard from NHS staff that the PPE might be being sent out but it’s not reaching us and that’s why we are approaching 3D Printing companies in the hope that there might be salvation in a quick fix PPE shortage, because, as you well know, a visor could prevent infection. You may have seen on the news, 3D printing hobbyists that have helped in the manufacture of PPE and how (in small volume) have managed to fulfil PPE on a scale that could potentially save many lives.