Old school 3D printer - CubeX

A school in Bury have asked me to look at this CubeX Duo 3D printer. There wasn‘t a slicer and it’s not been able to print anything in 2 years. Luckily I don’t give up and about 7 hours later after a lot of swearing I was able to print a cube. Only one nozzle works and the information/manual the manufacturer give is very much outdated. This 3D printer is supposed to be plug and play but levelling was an absolute nightmare.

All searches for this model lead to a webpage that lets you know that support has discontinued and the filament cartridges (get this) have a chip underneath that allows the printer to read its contents, and to probably limit you to only using their filament. However, their cartridges are no longer manufactured. Looks like I may have a bit more time playing with this Dinosaur.

I’ll keep you posted!