My main weapon

As I write this blog I have my main weapon running in the background, the Dremel Ideabuilder3D40.  If there's anyone out there that's on the verge of going with one - I would highly recommend it! 

The reason I'm writing this is because I've had this 'dream machine' for nearly 3 months now and I have perfected my 3dprints with 2 little helpers....Frogtape multi surface & Prittstick.

The Dremel comes with a build plate and a thick black adhesive surface that you attach to the glass/perspex. They also give you (I think) 3 build tape sheets that I think is supposed to be scotch tape - but it's pants.

So with my prittstick, I covered the black surface with a liberal layer of glue and then added the green multi surface frog tape being careful not to overlap (except for the last row near the edge).  After a couple of minutes of allowing the tape/glue to set - I then added another layer of glue on top of the frog tape.

That's it!  There's nothing else left to do except print.  The glue on the top layer does set, but with the heat of the plastic, this melts into the glue giving  good adhesion.  I find that I can get around 10 prints before I have to renew at least one row of frog tape.

I do however always print with a raft and without this little trick I always had a curl in at least one of the print corners.  If you have 8 hours prints like I do and come down in the morning to a ball of mess, at least try it.