Are you interested in making real savings?

Our 3D printing service is second to none and we guarantee quality results every time - We cater for Low, medium and high quality prints.

An example of low quality print we suggest would be used for prototype models and will cost you less.

Higher quality builds take longer to complete because of the layer height of the PLA plastic.

High quality builds are usually at 0.1 mm with 2 perimeters and appox 15% infill density.

If your model is within a maximum build size of H350, W350, D350mm then we can print in one go, if it's larger, the file can be sliced and parts printed separately.

You only pay for the time spent building your model - PLA filament is covered by us.

If you have an STL, OBJ or 3MF file - send it to us and we'll quote you.

**REMEMBER** The higher the quality, the longer the build.

Filament colours are different across varying manufacturers, so the colour you specify in the drop down may vary in shade.

See here for some of the websites that offer 3D models Thingiverse - Turbosquid - Ebay

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