3D Design service

Aurora 3D Printing Co can help you bring dreams to reality.  Do you have a concept you need bringing to life?

We guarantee to beat any 3D design quote all you need to do is explain your requirements.  Maybe you have a non manufactured car part that's 30 years old, or even a part that is expensive in the second hand market.  We can replicate/duplicate car parts, motorbike parts, engineering parts and much more.

We can 3D design complicated parts such as cogs, moving parts replica movie props, replica awards and commissioned pieces. 


5 Step process

1: Have a clear understanding of what you want.

Similar to our 3D Printing service, please have a clear understanding of what you require.  Dimensions, moving parts pictures all help in the final product.


2: Get in touch by submitting this form outlining your requirements


We'll let you know if it can be done.​ **If you require our 3D Printing service** Please send photos, drawings and dimensions of what exactly you'd like creating in 3D.


3: If it can be done you'll either receive a 3D file .STL or we will have discussed the next chapter, 3D printing etc.

4: You can opt to purchase a STL file by browsing our already made props


5: Make payment and receive finished product.