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A small snippet of whom we've worked for.

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Printing Dreams since 2016

Aurora 3D Printing Co


Professional Services

Film Slate Marker

Prop maker

3D Printing

3D Printing/Design Service

3D Printer set-up-service

"Wife is a big fan and absolutely loves the door knockers you've printed.  They will be hung pride of place on our front door".

David Rheese

Our Latest creations

Below is a feed from our Instagram outlining but a few of our previous creations.  As you can see we are very diverse in what we can design. create and bring to reality.

All we need is an .STL file and within the hour, you will receive your 3D printing quote, easy. Our goal is to quote for any rapid prototyping project at an effective cost price.

Our 3D printing machines offer extremely high levels of accuracy, useful functional longevity, an extended material selection, and will deliver a higher surface finish to meet the demands of most model designers. They are excellent for creating rapid prototypes for plenty of designs. It might come as a surprise but the technique for 3D printing has been available since the 1980s.  


As well as Worldwide, Aurora 3d printing co services the local areas such as Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, swinton, chesterfield, nottingham, derby and Manchester.


You can count on Aurora 3D Printing Co to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests.  We specialise in 3D Printing, 3D printer set-up service and prop making.  We're able to take on commissions not matter how big or small.  

Why 3D printing?

Stereolithography or .STL files are an alternate to customary cast patterns. Traditional wax patterns for investment casting can take weeks to construct and, should an error or design modification arise, the tool must be scraped and re-built.

3D printing removes the necessity for outsourcing during product development and permit for designs to be tested, amended and re-tested within days rather than weeks. This turnaround time allows for customisation of products, if required, and the materials used can produce parts stronger than machined aluminium with a finish compatible for final, end-use purposes. 

Check out our cosplay, engineering or prop designs and you'll have an idea of our capabilities.  Aurora 3D printing co offer free consultations when it comes to prop making, 3D design or 3D printing.

We accept easy and complicated commissions, send us pictures, dimensions and a description of what you'd like to achieve

We've a lot of practice in creating cosplay costumes, replica BAFTA awards, Oscar awards, game of thrones armour, such as Renly Baratheon's Gorget and shoulder armour, as well as Renlys crown which is a replica of the on-screen version.  We also make Robert Baratheon's crown as well as every other crown that can be found on HBO's great T.V series. 

Cosplay makers such as aurora 3D printing co project a process for bringing characters to life. While every manufacture's process is unique, the majority of cosplayer's follow a similar set of protocols for completing a task.

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